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UYUNI Dimmable Block light with LED and patented 3D flame in the color Ivory.

Battery-powered LED light.

The bestseller success from Piffany Copenhagen!

As close to a real light as you can get. With the difference that these are 100% fireproof and made of environmentally friendly material.

The candles from Uyuni have a long lighting time thanks to the smart patented 3D flame.

It consists of a number of LED wires that create the likeness of a soft fluttering flame.

Dimensions: H 12,9 cm, W 7,8 cm

Material: Virgin Paraffin Wax

Batteries: 2 x

AA (not included) Up to 400+ hrs battery life

Emits no odor.

Built-in timer of 6 hr.

Patented LED light with 3D flame

Dimmable in three positions

Four timer options: 4, 6, 8 & 10 hrs (Remote control purchased separately)

Color: Ivory

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