What are fragrance sticks (fragrance spreader): The fragrance sticks K. LUNDQVIST manufactures are of the highest quality and it is easy to use them. In the delivery you get a bottle that is filled with our fragrance oil and 10 pieces of sticks, of which it is called fragrance sticks. The pins are placed in the container and act as a catalyst for the fragrance oil. The scent spreads directly into the air and in most cases fills an entire room with fragrance!

Did you know that you choose how much scent you want in the home yourself? The number of sticks you use determines the fragrance strength. More sticks (more scent) Fewer sticks (less scent)

Recommendations: In order for your sticks to give full effect and for a long time, you should avoid placing the container in a row, in rooms with high humidity or where the air is very moving. Turn the sticks every two weeks, or when the scent begins to subside. In the surveys K. LUNDQVIST done, the average life span is 5 months. Their sticks are made of reed and do not claw again.

WARNING: The fragrance oil can cause grease stains and thus should not come into contact with textiles, walls, floors or other objects. They should be free in the air throughout the period they absorb the oil

Please note that the fragrance sticks do the job with the fragrance spread. These should not be lit!

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