All products made by Bukowski Design AB are only made of new materials of the highest quality.


All products are CE marked according to the test method EN 71-1 / 2. The materials are synthetic (generally the materials used for this type of product) to minimize the formation of bacteria and mold when the teddy bear becomes moist, in addition, they facilitate washing and minimize allergies. All products are washable in 30 degree hand wash. We do not use any flame retardants on our products. All eyes are tight and locked, which means they are stuck much like pop rivets in the coat. All baby products have hand embroidered eyes, noses and mouths.

Some products have plastic granules in themselves that give extra weight and feel, these are double-secured in special mesh bags that prevent them from falling out even if the seam would crack. They are round and larger than 2mm in 3 dimensions according to the recommendations of the Consumer Agency.

The teddy bears are generally padded with polyester which in itself is liquid repellent, which means that they quickly dry after washing.

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